Toolbox Talk

They can have many different names, but we call it a Toolbox Talk.  They are the safety meetings you have usually at the commencement of a shift.  It’s an informal meeting on what’s expected for that shift, or alternatively some businesses chose a different topic to highlight each day.

We use ours to discuss what is expected during that day/shift.

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Toolbox Talk Template

We discuss such things as:-

  • Which paddock we will be cutting
  • Which siding we will be using
  • The haul routes drivers are required to take
  • Hazard identification – power poles/lines, gullies/culverts, paddock conditions etc
  • Whether any visitors are expected during the shift
  • Reminder to do vehicle/machinery pre-starts
  • General safety tips
  • Anything else relevant to the days tasks

Employees are welcome and encouraged to add to the Toolbox Talk, thus encouraging health & safety discussions in our workplace.

 Don’t forget to document your Toolbox Meetings.  You can do this in various ways.  You can use a pre-printed form, do voice recordings and save these or any other way you can think of as long as you can retrieve the information if it is required by authorities.  We supply a Toolbox Talk template in our “Safe Harvesting” manual.

I understand that this is more paperwork that needs to be done – “When will it ever end?” I hear you say.   I totally understand what you are saying.   This health & safety journey we are all on involves a huge amount of paperwork/documentation, but it is necessary to protect your business.

So, if you aren’t already conducting Toolbox Talks, or not documenting them, think about implementing that soon.

If you need some help or advice, get in contact with us.

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