Safe Harvesting & Safe Grower Systems

Safe Harvesting & Safe Grower Systems

To comply with Work, Health & Safety requirements every business needs to introduce and document safe systems of work, policies and procedures and conduct ongoing training.  To assist those in the sugar cane to comply with these requirements, we have developed the Safe Harvesting and Safe Grower systems for harvesting contractors and sugar cane growers.

These systems consist of a comprehensive Policy & Procedure manual, employee handbook and several other items.  The manual includes many templates for you to use in your day to day business.

This product is designed to assist you:-

  • Improve productivity and efficiency;
  • Increase vehicle life and lower maintenance costs;
  • Meet your duty of care responsibilities, and
  • Improve employee morale.

These products satisfy work, health & safety requirements for a Safety Management System for your business.

In addition to our core business of developing and implementing the Safe Harvesting and Safe Grower systems, we also provide the following services:-

  • Employment documentation
  • Ongoing support and updates to keep you up to date with industry changes

If you would like to know more about either the Safe Harvesting or Safe Grower products please contact us.


N.B.  The Safe Harvesting and Safe Grower systems have been designed to assist the sugar cane harvesting contractor and sugar cane grower meet minimum Work Health & Safety requirements, however it should be read in conjunction with the Work Health & Safety Act (2011), Work Health and Safety Regulations (2011) and any updates.