Mobile Devices and Your Business

Does your business have a Mobile Device Policy?  Do you know what one is?  Are you having trouble with your employees being on the phone or internet during working hours?  Is this putting a risk to safety at your business?

Australia has more than 20 million mobile phones.  With a country of less than 24 million people this is figure is astounding.

Mobile phones are extremely useful in our everyday businesses.  I know I use mine regularly.  Not only are they used for making telephone calls, but for scheduling, email, internet, note taking, voice recording, messaging, using apps and I find I am using the camera function more and more (if I see something I am interested in or want to remember something I take a photo of it for easy reference).

As a cane harvesting contractor we employee seasonal drivers.  Whilst operating the trucks these drivers are required to comply with the road rules, which include not using a mobile phone whilst driving.   This is basic stuff, but it is amazing how many employees don’t follow simple road rules.

Mobile devices
Consider introducing a Mobile Device Policy into your business

What are these employees risking when using their phone whilst driving?  Obviously their lives and the lives of others or damage to your or someone else’s vehicle or property.  This can turn out to be very costly and guess who bears the brunt of that cost?  You, the business owner.

Mobile devices have to potential to cause great harm not only whilst employees are driving, but operating other machinery and undertaking normal day to day duties when their concentration needs to be at its greatest.  It’s not only their safety that has the potential to be at risk but the safety of their work colleagues.

As a business owner you are obligated to provide a safe workplace for your employees and those people you visit your workplace.  I suggest you consider introducing a Mobile Device Policy.  This policy should clearly set reasonable boundaries for the use of mobile devices within your workplace (whether the device is owned personally or work supplied).    Consider under what circumstances (if any) you will allow your employees to access mobile devices during working hours (eg for work related purposes only, during scheduled breaks etc).

This policy should be documented and discussed with new employees as part of your employee induction process.  If you are introducing the policy for existing employees you should meet with them and explain the policy and discuss why you have introduced it.  This could include to increase efficiency and production, workplace safety or in the case of using a mobile device whilst driving – the law.

A Mobile Device Policy is just one of many policies you should have within your business.  If you are unsure where to start please contact us.

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