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Yes, we’ve all heard it before.  We see it on the tv (queue the Grim Llama), we hear it at the beginning of every season, but how soon do we forget or get complacent?

It is very easy to forget about the power lines, poles and stays while you are cutting in the paddock.  It’s late in the afternoon, the sun is in your eyes, you’re trying to keep an eye on the haulout next to you and then bam ……. power pole!  Next thing you know you are in a whole lot of bother!

Do you know what to do if you or one of your employees or growers come in to contact with power lines?  Here’s some information from Ergon Energy:-

  1. Try not to panic, remain calm and stay in the vehicle until the power has been isolated and the powerlines removed. Don’t risk being electrocuted by attempting to leave the vehicle before power is disconnected unless it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Advise anyone near the incident site to stay a minimum of 8 metres from the vehicle and anything else in contact with the powerlines.
  3. Treat all powerlines as if they were “live”.
  4. Call 000 immediately to report powerlines down and a life threatening situation and contact your electricity supplier to switch off the power.

It’s a good idea to include some electrical safety training with your employees during their pre-season induction and remember to discuss electrical assets (when relevant) in your toolbox talks each shift.

For more great information click here.

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