First Aid in Your Business

First Aid in your business - Cane TrainHow well do you deal with first aid in your business?  Did you know that under Work, Health and Safety legislation a business is required to have certain first aid procedures in place?

First Aid Training

Does anyone in your business have a current first aid certificate?  Do you have a nominated First Aid Officer?  Depending on the number of people you employ, there is a minimum number of first aid personnel you are required to have on site.  The minimum qualification required by Work Health & Safety legislation for a workplace First Aid Officer in a small business is “Provide First Aid” (HLTA003).  If you or any of your staff need to renew their first aid certification, check with your local Canegrowers office as they often host these courses (links to Canegrowers offices can be found on our Home page).  Otherwise a Google search will provide you with details of courses in your area.First Aid in your business - Cane Train

As an employer you are obligated to have provision for first aid at your workplace so workers can obtain immediate help if they are injured at work.  This includes first aid equipment and facilities (the specific equipment and facilities you require will depend on the type of work being carried out, the size and location of the workplace and the number and makeup of workers on site.)

First Aid Kits

How are your first aid kits?  How often do you check your first aid stocks and whose responsibility is it to check and restock the kits if and when required (including out of date stock)?  If staff are required to advise you of limited stock, do you have a written procedure in place for this?

Where are your first aid kits located?  Do you have clearly marked signage to show their location?  Are staff advised of first aid kit location in their induction?  Is there easy access to first aid kits should a worker become injured at your workplace?First Aid in your business - Cane Train

How do you work out what to put in your first aid kits, or determine which pre-packed kit to buy?  The contents of your kits will be determined by what tasks your employees carry out, what hazards they may come into contact with and what the potential harm of those hazards are.  For example, if they are going to be working with machinery they might be hit or become caught in moving parts of a machine causing fractures, lacerations, bruises, dislocation, amputation etc.  So you would look at put items in your first aid kit that help deal with these injuries.


Every business must keep a Register of Injury and/or Illness which occur in the workplace.  This register must be kept and record even minor injuries and illnesses even if claims are not made.First Aid in your business - Cane Train

In the “Safe Harvesting” system we provide you with templates for an Injury Register including investigation forms.

Notification of serious injury and/or illness

The Work Health & Safety Act requires businesses to record and notify the appropriate authorities of any serious injury or illness, death or dangerous incident.  If the injury is regarded as “serious” or the incident is regarded as “dangerous” you are required to report same to Worksafe Queensland.  You can do this online at or by telephoning 1300 362128.  Significant penalties apply if injuries and incidents are not reported.  (For definition of “serious injuries” and “dangerous incidents” check out the Worksafe website.

Emergency Plan

Does your business have an Emergency Plan?  Every business is required to have an Emergency Plan and all employees should be provided with a copy of this Plan.   Employees should also be given First Aid in your business - Cane Traintraining in what to do in the event of an emergency and a record of this training should be noted in the businesses Training Register.


If your business isn’t up to scratch with it’s first aid requirements, now is a good time to start to get it all in order.  The First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice 2014 is a great source of information and when read in conjunction with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 can provide you with everything you need to know, or contact us at Cane Train about our “Safe Harvesting” system and we can set you on the right path.

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