End of Season Safety – How Safe is Your Workshop?

As the 2015 cane season draws to a close, don’t let safety slip from your mind.

After working hard during the crushing you are entitled to relax, but don’t relax on safety.


Vehicles, Machines and Children

Depending on where you keep your vehicles and machinery you might be moving them back to your workshop.  Don’t forget the little ones are on school holidays and will probably racing around on bikes and scooters.  Make the kids a “safe play area” where you know they can play safely and not get behind or under any vehicles or machines.  However, even if you have a “safe play area”, make an extra effort to check where they are before you move any vehicles or machinery.  If possible, have someone act as a “look-out” until everything is parked up.

Key safety
Always remove keys from vehicles for added safety

Have you removed all the keys from your vehicles and machines?  I know it’s convenient to have them in vehicles, but it’s amazing what children are able to climb onto (even very small children).  Once they gain access it’s easy for them to turn a key.  This could have tragic consequences.

Look at investing in a lockable key cupboard for your workshop.

Store all your keys safely in a key cupboard and not only will you make your workshop safer, but your insurance company will love you!


Tools & Electrical Equipment

Are your tools put away, or at least out of reach of children?  Do you turn off your electrical equipment when not in use?  This is not only important for small children in the area of your workshop, but also your employees.

Test and Tag
Have your electrical equipment regularly tested and tagged for everyone’s safety

When was the last time you had your electrical equipment test and tagged?  Do you know how often they need to be tested?    The frequency of testing depends on the type of use and environment the equipment is kept in.

  • Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use or is open to abuse or is in a hostile environment – every 12 months
  • Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is NOT subject to flexing in normal use or is NOT open to abuse or is NOT in a hostile environment – every 5 years

Did you know that only a “competent person” can test and tag your equipment?  A competent person is someone who has the knowledge and skill to inspect and test electrical equipment.

Do you keep a record of these inspections?  You are required to keep a copy of all inspections and details of each piece of equipment for the duration of the life of each piece of equipment (or at least 7 years).


Chemical Safety

Are all your chemicals secured?  Now is a great time to check.   It’s easy to leave containers out when you are in a hurry, so have a good look around your workshop and service vehicles to make sure all chemicals are locked away safely.  Is your Chemical Register up to date?  Make sure it is up to date and all required Safety Data Sheets are available.


Stay Safe

All of us need to do everything we can to make our homes, properties and workplaces as safe as possible.  We must remain vigilant about injury prevention at all times.  So take a look around and see if there are any improvements you can make – your family and employees (and their families) will thank you for it.

Happy Holidays

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