Are Your Employees Covered by Workcover?


I was having a chat with one of the ladies from Workcover late last week and she was telling me that there are a lot of businesses who do not have Workcover insurance for their employees.

I find this amazing for two reasons, firstly it’s compulsory for all businesses who employ staff to have some sort of Workcover insurance (unless you are an approved “self-insurer”) and secondly, because if one of your employees is hurt at work and you don’t have cover you have the potential to lose everything.

To check out which Workcover insurance product is right for you click here

Worksafe Queensland have a great website which has everything you need to know about obtaining Workcover insurance.

The website also covers topics such as:-

  • Injury prevention and safety
  • Rehabilitation and Claims
  • Laws and compliance
  • Forms and resources

The resources available on the website are very extensive and informative.  There are newsletters and fact sheets, and you can even choose a specific industry to search information about.

You can also sign up for regular newsletters and alerts regarding safety in the workplace.

So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and jump on over to whe Worksafe Queensland website and have a look – it will be well worth it (just click on the logo below and go straight to the website).




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