About Us

About Us

Welcome to Cane Train.

How are your Work, Health & Safety systems within your business?

Do you have any?  Are they documented?

If you are anything like us, initially we didn’t have anything!

After looking to put systems and procedures into place within our own businesses, we recognised that there was very little available within our industry for cane harvesting contractors and growers.  So we decided to get to work!

What do we know?  Together we have many years in business administration, management and ownership both inside and outside the cane industry.  With formal qualifications in Business Management, Work, Health & Safety and Training & Assessment we think we were perfectly placed to develop a set of policies and procedures for the cane harvesting contractor and grower.  From here the Safe Harvesting  and Safe Grower systems were born.

That’s how it started and from then it has just grown.  We have now added an Employment Documentation option where we can provide you with the required employment documents for your new employees.

If you would like to know more about either the Safe Harvesting  or Safe Grower system and what they contain click here.